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Viviana Vignola

Founder & Creative Director

An artist who transformed a passion into her profession.
Viviana Vignola was born in Naples in 1984 under the sign of the Virgin. She created her brand Racine Carrée with goodwill and passion, combining a great technical competence with a seductive French allure.


a competence that derives as a natural extension of culture and her family business.
Traditionally involved in the leather processing, the material of choice and starting point for high-quality handmade shoes. A know-how that develops then on the strand of the high Neapolitan footwear technique. It is on all this that, with great pride, Viviana Vignola founded her professional career, trying to concentrate very early on the creation of her footwear line with a strong distinctive personality.  


of a collection that expresses strength and exclusivity.
The line, for glamour and expressive quality, is easily matched to that of the great international luxury brands, those who have their strength in the accessory lines. With stubborn consistency, Viviana has affirmed her vision, chosen her favorite materials and styles, along with the most exclusive details where she added her favorite accents. The inspirations come from travel ’s suggestions, history and extraordinary close acquaintance with great designers of the international fashion gotha.

Viviana easily goes from Milan to Paris where she has her showrooms. She adores the alchemical assonances between her family in Naples - where she returns as soon as she can - and the Ville Lumière (Paris), but she also feels comfortable in the generous professional pragmatism of Milan.


a constant research of materials and shapes.
Viviana is always looking for high-quality materials with a sophisticated mix of creativity and elegance, with an idealistic attention to details and perfect ergonomics even in the most sensual styles. Through the creations of her shoes, the designer tells women who wear them to unveil their dreams and transmit the values of sensuality, courage and audacity.


the dream comes true.
The attention to details and the search for perfection can be found in the designer's words: "I follow the production process of my shoes since their first breath. I work at night to check every detail inside and outside my creations. I would like to pamper the woman who wears my shoes and push her to dare and to make her own decisions about herself and her femininity”.